Pentatonic Scale

You can hear / download the jam track used in the video here:

Blues Band Shuffle

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The pentatonic minor scale pattern taught in this video can be easily moved to any key, simply by shifting the whole pattern to a different root note. The scale pattern starts on an A, so if you want it in a different key, simply start the whole pattern over again from a C, or a D, and you’ll get C pentatonic minor or D pentatonic minor, accordingly. You can move this anywhere on the fretboard!

Practicing your scales straight through a jam track is a great technique that I find works better and is more fun than using a metronome. Download the free jam track and have some fun with it!

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  1. chris Attleburger
    7 years ago

    I want to learn how to play the blues

  2. Mike Brooks
    7 years ago

    Good way for the novice to do something that doesnt keep you thinking that your never going to do something that sounds good. Takes away some of the discouragement. I bought one of your dvd’s I IV V and it really helped to understand better the principles.

  3. don
    7 years ago

    this is the way to go it makes so much more sence to me ilove playing along with a jam track ican thorw in a extra note now and then just to see how it sounds

  4. robert schubach
    7 years ago

    I would like to have a tab of Blues band shuffle. my mail is

  5. robert schubach
    7 years ago

    can somebody send me a tab of “Blues Band Shuffle”? I could use it. Thanks

  6. John Koziara
    7 years ago

    Love this track it is really great.

  7. DON
    7 years ago

    30 backing tracks, how will you know what key to play in ? i would not think they are all in A , but i guess they could be, just wondering , thanks don

  8. Devi Shankar
    6 years ago

    Wow ! Excellent. Thanks for helping budding guitarists in such a wonderful manner.

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  10. andy
    5 years ago

    yea really good i enjoyed , hope to here more i liked that scale thankyou Andy

  11. Al McCausland
    5 years ago

    7 years ago, I used to go watch a guy, Russell Frasier, guitarist extraordinaire, play at his gigs! His talent was amazing and his renditions of cover music were perfect. I told him that because of him, I want to play and that I was going to buy a guitar. He said to me that night, “all you need to know is this…:” and he proceeded to show me exactly what this lesson of yours was! Not until tonight, watching this lesson, did I put it together on how to make music with that scale! I have a drum machine that I am going to enjoy more now! Thanks so much for this!!!!!!

  12. Glenn Azlin
    5 years ago

    Much obliged, friend!

  13. Peter Spencer
    5 years ago

    Jonathan,thank you for the inspiration you are giving me,through your lessons

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