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Unlocking The Guitar is a course that is comprised of two separate lessons:

  • The hugely well-receivedUnlocking I-IV-V” (I’ve received dozens of testimonials from this lesson alone)
  • The powerful Guitar Scale Patterns (This lesson will truly put the entire fretboard at your command)

For full details on Unlocking I IV V, click here. For more details on Guitar Scale Patterns, click here.

{firstname}, Have You Ever Wondered Why Some People Play Guitar Seemingly Effortlessly, Without Thinking?

Any pro guitar player will tell you that the guitar is a very logical instrument. There’s a REASON why things sound good on the guitar, and by learning and understanding a few simple concepts, you can take your playing to a whole new level. Playing the guitar doesn’t have to be complicated – and in Unlocking The Guitar (roughly four hours of video instruction) – I’ve de-mystified the guitar, boiling it all down to a few simple concepts that can be quickly grasped and applied to your playing.

In the first course, Unlocking I IV V, you’ll learn:

  • Simple rules to find the common chords in EVERY key
  • Why chord numbers are far more important than chord letters, and how you can use this to learn new songs faster than ever before.
  • How to play intuitively and confidently be ear, without music!
  • How to create your own chords, anywhere on the neck – throw away those clumsy chord charts!
  • How to arrange chords in patterns that sound great – perfect for beginning songwriters!

In the second course, Guitar Scale Patterns, you’ll learn:

  • 3 basic scale patterns you can use to cover the entire fretboard
  • Connecting patterns to move between positions on the neck, mid-solo.
  • How to transpose licks and riffs into any key you please.
  • How to take scales (the basis of ALL solos) and start soloing on your own.
  • How to practice over a jam track (bonus jam track included!)

These Lessons Have Helped Thousands Of Guitar Players

These two guitar lessons have quite literally helped thousands of guitar players first understand their instrument better, and second, become better players as a result. Here are just a few of the emails that I’ve received:



“Your lessons are giving me hope and energy”



Hi Jonathan, thanks for the extra info on the minor of (1-4-5). I really like your lessons. I have studied some guitar theory in the past. But your efforts make it so much easier. Before getting your DVD’s, the fretboard seemed like years of work to learn. I had learned some positions but never felt like I would be able to master it.

Your lessons are giving me hope and energy.


David Harris

Melbourne, FL


“I am amazed how simple you present music theory.”




I bought 145 and GSP as a Christmas present to me. Both are real good and I have learned a lot from them.

I enjoy your e-mails and vids, so please keep them coming. I am 48 and been ‘fiddlin’ around with guitar since I was 14 and was content with strumming a few chords before bedtime. However, after hearing a co-workers CD of his band’s music recorded in his apartment, I decided to take my playing to the next level and teach myself to play better and make a recording of my own brand of music on my computer.

I trusted your 145 and GSP for my theory angle of attack. I have always knew this is what was holding me back from being a casual strummer to being center stage (well at least for the church praise band). After viewing your courses, I am amazed how simple you present music theory. I have learned a lot and know that this knowledge will put me over the hump in my quest to be a better, more skillful guitar player. Hopefully, I will “make the band” and make those home recordings with some screaming solos from the A minor pentatonic scale!!

Thanks again for making these videos.

Chuck Housand

Loris, SC



“Old dogs CAN be taught new tricks!”



Hi Jonathan,

Well, it took me a while but I finally made it thru both of your DVDs, “Unlocking I IV V,” and “Guitar Scale Patterns.”

have been playing for over 40 years, and am something of an accomplished fingerpicker (Chet Atkins style) and while my favorite is country, I also enjoy playing some of the classical pieces by people like Mendelssohn, or Schubert, and to be honest I wasn’t certain I could learn much from a beginners course, but I felt it was worth a try.

Actually, I was wrong.

Old dogs can be taught new tricks, IF they are willing to admit they don’t know everything.

Having spent several hours with your material I was very pleased, and found quite a few tips which I’m sure will be helpful. In my opinion the good thing about your course is that it will help the raw beginner as well as the experienced player, especially with your emphasis on scales.

Congratulations on a job well done, and keep the special tips coming. I enjoy them.

Thanks much,

Chuck Kiger

Ocala, Florida


“Playing instead of Flailing now!”



Hey Jonathan the two classes I purchased from you were / are awesome.

Actually playing instead of flailing now.

Henry Goebel,


“You have done the best job of explaining it”

I really appreciate the way you explain things. I have been looking for a simplified way of understanding how to play a solo over certain chords for years and I think you have done the best job of explaining it. That’s why I purchased your course and I hope you post many more videos in the future.

Bryan Klinesteker

Los Angeles, CA


“Exactly what the doctor ordered”



Jonathan, I recently picked up the guitar again after too many years away from it, and I have to say… your material is exactly what the doctor ordered

I have been able to work with both acoustic and electric and I am amazed at the progress I have made. I feel that the instruction I have received… both on your DVD and blog… has afforded me the ability to progress much faster and more efficiently than just having a weekly instructor to visit. (Plus I would be hard-pressed to find an instructor who would be in my living room at 4:30am while I practice with my morning coffee before work, and then come back at 5pm when I return for more practice… you’re always here.)

The thing is, I had felt that playing guitar efficiently would be something that I just would not grasp… especially fretboard knowledge and theory… thank you for proving me wrong. The patterns that you define and the theory that goes with it has allowed my brain and my fingers to come together in an understanding that makes everything flow. I have to tell you, playing is one thing… understanding what you’re doing… that’s the key. Your patterns make what I once felt would be too complex, simple to follow and it sticks in your memory.  You have given me many AH-HA moments.

Keep doing what your doing…

Thank you so much.

George Johnson

Keansburg, NJ

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: If you truly want to learn what makes music work on the guitar – in order to make yourself a better guitar player, then this is the course for you. I believe so strongly that my lessons will help you achieve your goals on guitar that I offer a 100% Risk-Free “No Weasel Clauses” Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t find that these lessons have helped you as a guitar player, you have a full 60 days to contact me personally and I’ll give you all your money back – no hassles!

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

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Unlocking the Guitar is literally guaranteed to improve your guitar playing (as long as you watch the lesson of course!) and together with the jam tracks, provides a truly winning combination.

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With Unlocking The Guitar, You Will…

  • Learn to quickly figure out what chords are in any song
  • Learn to create your own chords, anywhere on the neck. Throw out those old clumsy chord charts forever!
  • Play intuitively and confidently by ear, without music!
  • Understand and master other guitar courses far faster than before
  • Learn Scale Patterns you can easily move to cover the whole fretboard
  • Learn how to connect scale patterns to smoothly move anywhere on the neck of the guitar

Let’s work together to take your guitar playing to levels that you never dreamed possible!

To Your Success,

PS. Unlocking The Guitar will greatly improve your knowledge of the guitar and your ability to play it, and it will also help you better understand many of the other guitar courses out there.

PS. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you’re protected by my 100% “No Weasel Clauses” 90-day GUARANTEE

PS. Your order includes the main lessons, as well as all the bonus material, including the cheat sheets and additional video content.

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