Why There Is No Tab

The other day someone asked me if I had included tabs for the lead parts to go along with the 30 blues jam tracks set that you can find here.

My response?

Absolutely, categorically, NO!

Now I know some people will disagree with me, and that’s A-OK with me… but take a moment and hear me out.

The entire point of jam tracks, in my humble opinion, is to create an environment where the guitar player has the freedom to experiment and improvise on their own.

What would happen if I then told you what each song was supposed to sound like?

I know most people would automatically start adapting their playing to the “prescribed” way of playing that song.

This would completely defeat the entire purpose of the jam tracks!

No longer would players be improvising and exercising their own creative potential, but they’d be following along another player’s interpretation of the song.

So rather than include the lead parts, I decided to include a bonus lesson where I taught some riffs, in detail.

That way, you get some ideas that you can start to apply on your own.

Inevitably, every time I teach someone a riff, it comes out a little differently from their guitar than from mine!

And that’s cool, because they’re going to approach it a little differently.

Perhaps the timing or inflection is a bit different, or perhaps they add a few notes here and there!

That’s exactly what I’m aiming at though; to give people some tools to be able to start creating music on their own.

If that kind of thing appeals to you, I recommend checking out these 30 blues jam tracks.

They’re super fun to play around with – I’ve spent hours using them personally.

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